l'OR pour l'Ultra D

l'OR pour l'Ultra D

Le Sommelier Wine Awards 2016 en Grande-Bretagne a décerné une médaille d'OR pour notre champagne Devaux extra-brut Ultra D.

"Not just care but time – this ages for at least five years in the bottle – propelled Devaux's Ultra D to the Gold podium. While Andrés Ituarte of Avenue Restaurant complimented the 'vibrant bubbles, long, pretty palate, with a touch of candied apple and pear', Devon Pryor of Blandford Comptoir found 'some faint brioche or fresh bread, but not toasty', along with 'fresh cream and hints of flowers' on the nose, adding: 'Fine bubbles and loads of minerality on the palate, which lasts alongside fresh lemon and chalky flavours.' 'It's supple, generously flavoured, rich, ripe and pristine,' concluded team leader Simon Woods"


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